Personalized Landscaping Services


Austin Garden Pros is Austin, Texas' leading personalized, custom home landscaping service

Austin Garden Pros' Mark Berthiaume brings his 18 years of Austin landscaping and Master Gardner expertise to each client's project. Mark creates custom landscaping solutions that take into account each clients needs and desires. Austin Garden Pros personalized landscaping services include: 

Landscaping Consultation, Design, and Contracting

From project start to finish to ongoing maintenance, Austin Garden Pros' landscaping team collaborates with clients to create ideal outdoor living environments customized to the unique climate of Central Texas. Additionally, Mark's extensive expertise enables him to update and revitalize existing landscapes. 

Monthly Landscaping Maintenance and Upkeep

Austin Garden Pros' monthly maintenance services include weeding, bush and light tree trimming, leaf raking, mulching, plant moving, rock bed repair, and plant, bush, and tree replacement. 

Seasonal Landscaping Consulting and Contracting

No matter the season, Austin Garden Pros can quickly step in and resolve seasonal landscaping problems for lawns, trees, beds, walls, irrigation, ground cover, and more.

Native Austin, Texas, and Drought-Resistant Plant Selection and Landscape Designs

As a Master Gardener, Mark Berthiaume knows which plants, bushes, trees, rocks, gravel, stones, mulches, and ground cover work best in Central Texas. He knows how to match the best options with residential home designs for properties in Circle C, South Austin, Tarrytown, Westlake Hills, Oak Hill, Mueller, Hyde Park, Allandale, East Austin, Menacha, Northwest Hills, and North Loop.

Irrigation Consulting and Contracting

Austin Garden Pros Landscaping employs cost-saving hardscape techniques to solve property irrigation and drainage problems and also supervises irrigation contractors for larger projects.

Arborist Consulting and Contracting

Mark works with property owners to quickly diagnose any tree issues, recommend native replacements, provide trimming services, and bring in the best Austin arborists for large tree trimming and removal. 

Metal, Stone, and Vegetation Wall Design and Contracting

Austin Garden Pros designs and builds tree and bush, stone, and metal walls customized to your property's needs and environment. In addition to his vegetation and stone wall expertise, Mark works with the best Austin metalworks fabricators to create the ideal walls and bed liners for your property.

​Home Sale Landscape Staging

Mark works closely with owners and real estate professionals to maximize any property's market value. Utilizing "Ultimate Curb Appeal" techniques, Mark is able to quickly maximize a property's value while minimizing its time-on-market. Recently, Austin Garden Pros helped a South Austin homeowner and realtor "set the market" with days' notice.