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Austin Garden Pros Landscaping Services

Austin Garden Pros offers each client full-service landscaping solutions with personalized attention. Our team helps clients create inviting outdoor home environments, maintain appealing landscapes, and increase a property's value with a Central Texas drought-resistant, eco-friendly, native plant first approach.  

Austin Garden Pros landscaping services include:

  • Landscaping Design and Contracting
  • Monthly Landscaping Maintenance and Upkeep

  • Seasonal Landscaping Consulting and Contracting
  • Native Central Texas, and Drought-Resistant Plant Selection and Landscape Designs

  • Irrigation Consulting and Contracting

  • Arborist Consulting and Contracting

  • Metal, Vegetation, and Stone Wall Design and Contracting 
  • House Sale Landscape Staging

Expert Master Gardener Mark Berthiaume is ready to put his 18 years of Austin landscaping experience to work in collaboration with you. Ready to create the ultimate home landscape? Call or email Austin Garden Pros today at 512-228-8041 or